Welcome to my website! I am a book conservator who recently relocated back to the U.S., having spent nearly 5 years living and working in England. I moved there in 2011 to pursue an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College, specializing in the conservation of books and library materials. Following graduation from West Dean with Distinction, I worked for the Cambridge University Library from 2013-2016 and now work for an independent conservation center in New England.

My path towards a career in book conservation began in 2006 when I started working for the Book Arts Lab of Wellesley College, assisting in bookbinding, letterpress printing, papermaking, and Turkish marbling workshops.  The skills and knowledge I gained there were further augmented by my work in the Conservation Facility of the Wellesley College Library where I performed conservation treatments on items from the general circulating collection and created custom enclosures for books and documents from the library’s Special Collections.

Following my graduation from Wellesley College in 2009, I completed a pre-program internship in the conservation facility of the Boston Athenaeum.  I then worked at the Harvard Business School’s Baker Library as an exhibitions and conservation contractor, performing conservation treatments and exhibition preparation for an exhibit on the history of personal credit, the website of which may be found here.

My studies at West Dean were generously supported by several scholarship organizations, including The Edward James Foundation, the Dr. Robin Barnard Bursary, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), The Clothworkers’ Foundation, The Nick Johnson Prize, the York Foundation, the Leathersellers’ Company, and The Newby Trust. Through QEST, I was invited to exhibit my bookbinding work at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace in 2013 and was able to attend the Royal Preview Day.

My specialisms include the conservation of books, leather, unbound paper and parchment materials, and Cairo Genizah fragments, as well as research into conservation-grade adhesives, the creation of custom protective enclosures, bookbinding, and letterpress printing.

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